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No doubt about it, the K-712 is a real winner in my book. I’ve been using it a lot with online gaming and movies in general. Recently, a petition appeared in some online gaming communities to have me banned from playing on my favorite servers. I can hear the enemy from so far away and with such precision due to that wide stereo image, that I often get kicked out of the game by the server owners who think I am hacking. I admit, on some instant replays after I get my easy kills, it does seem like I had some type of foresight to know exactly where said enemy will be appearing behind, popping up out of or jumping over. As a gamer, I’ve never been happier. I consider the K-712 one of the best overall gaming headphones to date and have enjoyed every second of usage with it online. The headphone is very pinpoint accurate and due to it’s light weight design at around 240grams, it can be worn indefinitely and easily for hours if need be during your late night gaming sessions.

Bonus: Borderlands 2 is an Audiophiles playland in digital format. If you are an audio junky, do not miss this game. It has some of the most dynamic and professionally rigged audio in all of gaming history. Highly immersing, highly engaging and accurate. Bullets, explosions and character interactions are beautiful and recorded with extreme love, affection and detail and the entire Borderlands pilgrimage is nothing short of stunning with the K-712.

K-712 Title Picture

Keep an ear out for movies with poorly recorded upper regions, as bullets, explosions and screams are just too painful on the K-712 to begin to bare for me in some bluray and dvd movies. Without the Burson or a good receiver in the mix, I tread carefully when it comes to media usage in general. No fault of the K-712, it is certainly the fault of the films sound editor failing to do his job properly most of the time. Sometimes, the treble can get too hot, so be careful with those action movies or Shia LaBeouf incessant screaming scenes.

Despite the lightweight design, AKG still hasn’t learned that the giant halo design is undesirable. The K-550 has a beautifully designed and simplistic headband with a similar sized earcup design, so I see no reason for reverting right back to the Dark Ages of Audio when headbands were designed the way most AKG headphones are. The upper region is too unforgiving and unreflective of it’s price tag and require a dac or amplifier that can tame it. However, all other sonic qualities remain gorgeous. The K-712 is beautiful, boasting exceptional smoothness on the low end, a highly immersing stereo image and is something that will make online gamers very happy. AKG will be releasing the K-812 very soon and I am certainly willing to fight someone over a pit of acid and spikes just to be among the first to hear or review it.

8.5/10 Great Job, AKG!

Technical Specifications


Headphone type open
Audio Frequency bandwidth 10 to 39800 Hz
Sensitivity headphones 105 dB SPL/V
Max. Input Power 200 mW
Rated Impedance 62 Ohms
Detachable cable yes
Cable Length 3 m
Earpads Replaceable yes


Type Screw-on Jack Combo (1/4″ and 1/8″)
Gender Male
Contacts 3-pin
Interface Finish Gold
Length 113 mm
Width 199 mm
Height 212 mm
Net Weight 235 g


AKG K712 PRO main web page
AKG Facebook
AKG PH Facebook


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  1. tk

    Very accurate review. You have to be careful of AKGs–my 2006 K701s disappeared me from any other headphones for 12 years. They punched excellently over all genres and with that dreamy soundstage and imaging. Perfect for 2 of my fav bands, KMFDM and Crystal Method whose sounds are not only all over the range but overlap from side to side. Makes me wonder if the new IEMs I purchase should be their N40s.

    • Michael

      Ty for the kind words, it is still a great sounding headphone even in 2019s market. Sadly, havent heard the n40 iem and cant say anything about it.

  2. Chris

    Um. You are able to read a chart right? The 701 was -6 db in the lower end bass. The 712 simply boosted the this by 3 db to -3 db. This remains well within the reference range. You are seemingly oblivious to the fact musicians are using frequency much lower now than in previous years. No Sound engineer would’ve worried about flat response at 5-19 hertz in 1985. However, by 2005 or so this frequency range would be of concern. Because of this AKG needed to bump up the lower end to be closer to 0 db. You have to remember A. No Headphone has perfect 0 db response. B. Most people hear mid frequency better than high, therefore to ACCURATELY reproduce high frequency in audio equipment, there must be a bump to those frequencies or they will be lost to the middle.

  3. Michael Piskor

    Hello again.

    I like your gusto and passion for the product! AKG said that. Yep. But, the measurements and actual usage of the headphone is regarded as slightly warm, exaggerated and proven so by the measurements. The statement made by AKG do not reflect the measurements at all. That means it was purposely boosted to account for exaggeration and was not intended to portray more bass light tracks properly. If it is designed specifically for a single purpose or to account for boosting, then it isn’t a reference headphone.

  4. Chris

    What the Hell are you talking about. The K712 was designed as a Mastering headphone. The additional Bass is to accommodate the heavy level of bass used in today’s production. The Word Reference is on both side of the headphones and it is placed under the Professional tab of AKG’s website and the site describes them as “The K712 PROs are reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering.” And their tag line is “Master the sound”. Gee go figure that the highs are going to be precise and unforgiving. These are Mastering headphones. In fact they were the Flagship product of AKG’s Professional Line until the K812/872 was added.

  5. Michael Piskor

    They have “cool” designs and vibrant colors. And, when you take pictures of yourself sitting in your also vibrantly colored gaming chair, your awesome “gaming” headphone looks extra cool. Outside of that, it is just a general lack of experience with good headphones. Most of the gaming community has no clue the very old AD700 is a pinpoint accuracy master, as is the Beyer T1. The AD700 is cheaper than all of the gaming headphones, more comfortable too.

  6. Michael Piskor

    The K712 has a boosted low end and a sweet treble response, it has roughly a +3dB boost which is significant for an AKG headphone. This isn’t a monitor headphone. It was made for moderate musicality and noticeable exaggeration on the bass end.

  7. Matt

    These headphones are for professional monitoring – they are made to be unforgiving and unflatteing for analytical purposes. It’s not a flaw at all that the highs are too unforgiving. It’s so producers can hear all the full frequency spectrum so that they can mix and master music effectively. They’re not really intended for casual listening.

  8. Osjur

    “I often get kicked out of the game by the server owners who think I am hacking”

    Same has happened to me many times with my K701.

    “I consider the K-712 one of the best overall gaming headphones to date and have enjoyed every second of usage with it online”

    I don’t get it why people buy those “gaming grade headphones” when their stereo image is so narrow that you really can’t say where the enemy is coming. My friend who was playing cs:s on top level (many years ago) was using some shitty gaming phones. I loaned my K701 to him for a week but got them back the same day because he went and bought the same phones after couple of hours of playing.

  9. Fastguitars

    The fatal flaw of the AKG 712s is the recessed treble that is probably a result of that extra db of low frequency that has been dialed into these cans…The engineers engineered the treble right out of the AKG712s such was there too obsessed pursuit of giving you “more bass”……So, you end up with a too warm sound, acerbated by the wide sound stage, and the result is that the articulation and precise trebles that AKGs phones are known for are missing……..You keep thinking, “wow these sound great , listen to that low end, but where is the treble”….And im using a Woo Audio Fireflies and a Concero HP, and neither of these $1000 headphone amps can find any treble in these cans.

  10. donunus

    The 2khz peak may be why these have a nasal quality in the upper mids. And about the ma900… I’ve been drooling over those for a while now :D Cool review By the way!

  11. LustEnvy

    Man… your thoughts echoed mine almost to the tee, though more in regards to the K702 Anniversary which should be very close to the K712 Pro’s sound judging by friends. I currently own the MA900 (my fave full sized headphone ever, if mostly because it’s comfort and non-existent weight, paired with well balanced, non-fatiguing sound just makes it hard NOT to love) and I agree with that part of your review most. It’s far from perfect, and there are better, but it does so much right, it made me ditch everything else and excuse the SQ loss for long term comfort.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the K712 Pro to at least do my own review, though I’m sure most of everything I love about the K702 65th Anniversary will still stand.

    • headfonics

      I will wait for 24bit to chime in your comment since he wrote the review but I have an MA900 coming in early next year from the UK and quite excited to hear this fabled sound sig of the MA900.

      • LustEnvy

        For the low price of admission, you get nearly unrivalled comfort, truly impressive soundstage/imaging, and a general, all-purpose sound signature that works well with almost anything. It’s also not picky with amps. I think fledging audiophiles would do well to give the MA900 a go early on in their pursuit of audio bliss. They may just be surprised at what this <$200 headphone can do.

        I've heard better… and it won't beat the long time popular mid-fi cans overall, but they all have their caveats, aren't as comfy, need beefy amps, etc.

      • 24bit

        Lust speaks the truth. Whomever designed the MA900 didn’t care about style or symmetric lengths and widths of the pieces on the headphone. He cared about usability and I would like to buy that guy a drink if I ever met him. The MA900headband is very thin compared to the large diameter earcups, but the earcups and pads are very thin and about the size of just the K712’s earpads alone. This results in exceptionally lightweight design that can be worn indefinitely. Tackle on the lack of clamp and you have yourself one of the most comfortable and practical headphone designs ever.

        No doubt the K712 has more clarity everywhere and is more enjoyable to listen to, but the MA900 is certainly the wiser choice for multimedia usage and to this day remains my #1 pick for movies, tv and gaming.

      • headfonics

        I am drooling now on the pending MA900 and it is all your fault 24bit :) Been missing a nice budget movie set of cans since I sold my K702 a few years back.

      • headfonics

        Right now its the HD800 for movies but its pain to debox and setup for quick listening – so its more of a weekend can.

      • 24bit

        I think that HD800 is overkill. Of course, the MA900 and K712 are nowhere near as dynamic or clear, but that MA900 is so small and light that it is really hard to choose anything else for media in general. If I am playing a game that is non competitive, right now I’d choose the MA900. If it is competitive and i need some placement of sounds, I’d go for the K712.

      • headfonics

        The MA900 can take a leather headband like the beyer snap ons?

      • 24bit

        I doubt you will need it or even desire it once you put them on. The band material is very soft and breathable, adding weight and bulk to it would be detrimental to the already super light and comfy design.

    • 24bit

      Great minds think alike it seems! As for the MA900, there is no question the AKG is more clear across the board, however the Sony certainly had the more relaxed upper regions and was less fatiguing on the upper end. However, the bass has more physical slam and becomes more fatiguing than the AKG.

      The MA900 is my absolute #1 pick for the best media and gaming headphone of all time. Period. Despite being less clear everywhere than the AKG K712, nothing to date has sway me from using my MA900 as my primary movies, tv and gaming headphone.


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