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The Elise By Feliks Audio

Bargain amplifier hunters, look no further than Feliks Audio. I've tried to get my hands on this Elise for half the year of 2016 and I am saddened that it only arrived at the end of the year for me...when I could have spent it that time snuggled up with the El...
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The Espressivo-E By Feliks Audio

Coming highly recommended by some peers of mine from overseas, Feliks Audio's $349 Espressivo-E Tube Amp has solidified my hopes for a more positive audiophile future for us all.  You don't really need to read on beyond this point, just go buy one of these imm...
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The PA-10.1D Tube Amp by Trends Audio

I have been seeing a lot of aggressive marketing from Trends Audio over the last year or 2 so it was only logical that we would bump into each other eventually and sure enough David Ho of Trends Audio HK kindly allowed us to take a crack at one of their new pr...