11.11 2019

11.11 2019 Audio Deals

The following 11.11 feature is a rundown of some of the audio gear deals for 2019 we have found or have been sent to us by our clients from around the...
FiiO M5

FiiO M5 Review

The FiiO M5 is the company's latest miniature touchscreen digital media player designed to fit into both the lifestyle and audiophile category. It ret...
FiiO M9

FiiO M9 Review

The FiiO M9 is the latest in the company's new M series of digtial media players featuring Android and Bluetooth LDAC capability. It is priced at $299...
HiBy W5

HiBy W5 Review

The HiBy W5 is a brand new wireless Bluetooth dongle designed to be attached to IEMs and pair with sources such as LDAC. It is priced at an SRP of $10...
FiiO M6

FiiO M6 Review

The FiiO M6 is a competitively priced Android-based DAP featuring wireless connectivity including WiFi and LDAC BT. It is priced at $149.99 Disclaime...