As a headphone amp the tonality matching with the HD800 is almost perfect and for other headphones it plays to obvious strengths. The transparency of the CMA800r is top notch, so much so your DAC will be under more scrutiny than you think so choose wisely to get the best out of the amp.

Would I go monoblock with two units as a headphone user? It’s interesting but debatable on the value scale but certainly unbalanced output more than excels and at $1500 its not overpriced for what it can achieve with flagships and mid-fi cans alike.

At the time of writing the Questyle team are selling this through Ebay and Amazon and one to two distributors in the US market and beyond.


International Market
86-755-82835670 to 808
[email protected]

Techncial Specifications

Gain 15.5dB
Max Output Power 180mW (7.5Vrms) @300Ω, standard Stereo Mode 710mW (15Vrms) @300Ω, Mono Mode
SNR 114 dB, standard Stereo Mode 118 dB, Mono Mode
THD+N 0.00038%@1kHz, 300Ω standard Stereo Mode 0.00026%@1kHz, 300Ω Mono Mode
Frequency Response DC-200kHz (+0, -0.3 dB); DC-650kHz(+0, -3 dB)
Sensitivity 1.2Vrms
Impedance 47KΩ
Input XLR stereo, RCA Stereo, and XLR Mono Full Balance input
Output Dual 6.35mm Stereo headphone Jacks, A XLR Mono Full Balance output, A pair RCA Pre-amp output
Type: Pure Class A
Voltage 100-120V or 220-230V, Internal switchable
Power Consumption 13W
Dimension 330*300*55 mm


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