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The uDAC-2496 by Just Audio UK

The last time I reviewed the Just Audio line was the AHA-120 and uHA-120 and found the uHA-120 with the K550 to be a very sweet match as well as feeling a lot of hardcore audiophile respect for the brand. It wa...
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Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB

The igadget up until recently was seen as a useful tool but by no means a love affair between the picky audio consumer and the Jobsian vision of what a DAP should accomplish. The original CLAS SOLO was basicall...

FiiO E07K – The Andes

Earlier in the year FiiO upgraded the E9 with the E09k and it mostly took into account newer trends in portable or fixed small desktop audio as well as feedback from FiiO fans and owners so when they announced ...

The FiiO E17 – “The Alpen”

With the phenomenal rate FiiO keep churning out budget audio hits over the last 2 years you might be forgiven for getting lost in all the E's and D's yet somehow they still seem to find a niche or new ground fo...

FiiO D3 DAC – It’s a Keeper!!

The FiiO D3 is a straightforward SPDIF DAC that takes in coax and optical inputs and churns out RCA analog for a stupidly low price of $30. I’ll admit this was the first time I’ve seen such a cool looking li...
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Top Ear Review – NuForce uDAC

As everyone knows I have got myself a new toy in the form of the Nuforce uDAC, which has been receiving mixed reviews everywhere. and insted of amking another review among the contless already found in the inte...