Oppo HA-2SE

Oppo HA-2SE review

The Oppo HA-2SE is a second-generation revision of the original HA-2 portable DAC and headphone amplifier. It is priced at $299. Disclaimer: The Oppo HA2-SE was sent to us as a sample in exchange for our hon...
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The DAC3 HGC by Benchmark Media

After having reviewed the breathtaking professional DAC/amp surprise hit RME ADI-2 Pro and the also spectacular Lake People Reference Series, it is time to see how an actual hifi consumer device compares to ref...
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RME ADI-2 Pro Review

When I first heard about the ADI-2 Pro some months ago, I was indeed very interested. I read some more news on professional audio sites but some of the jargon I did not understand. I'm sorry, I have to admit, I...
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The Shift By Peachtree Audio

"Made in Canada". Nothing feels quite as satisfying as a 'home run' in terms of engineering capability being done right in your backyard. Peachtree is sort of on the comeback trail after a few years that culmin...

NuPrime DAC-9 Review

The NuPrime DAC-9 is a brand new mid-sized desktop pure DAC designed to fit in with the NuPrime HPA-9 as a single combo system. It is priced at $749. Disclaimer: The NuPrime DAC-9 sent to us is a sample in exc...
Encore Sonic Unity mDSD

The Encore mDSD By Sonic Unity

The Encore mDSD from Sonic Unity is a USB powered DAC/AMP stick priced at $99 with a host of excellent features including DSD native decoding capability. USB DACs are nothing new to the market and I have only ...
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The K1 by FiiO

FiiO have been doing a commendable job in updating their DAC & amp line-up to suit a wide variety of user tastes and preferences across all price ranges. Their recent offering, the FiiO K1, is an example of...
FiiO Q1

FiiO Q1 Review

The FiiO Q1 is the company's latest entry-level DAC and portable headphone amplifier. It is priced at just $69.99. Disclaimer: The FiiO Q1 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank Fi...
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The Astrapi DAC by Cozoy

Oh my goodness, it’s so cute! Sorry, but I am a sucker for cute things...double points when a cool design in a product actually ends up sounding nice.  This Asian company released the Alien Dap not too long ago...
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The Hugo by Chord

I can’t remember a media player or portable DAC that has recently caused such hype in the audiophile hifi scene as the Chord Hugo; a quite highly priced DAC and headphone amp with pre-out that has pushed the bu...