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The MDR-Z7 by Sony

Late 2014 through mid-2015 was the Age of Sony.  Seemingly, those big wigs over at Sony HQ seem to have tossed great sounding headphones through our windows all too often, startling our dogs and cats into a pan...
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The Stance S1+ by Pendulumic

So here it is, my first Bluetooth headphone review on Headfonics and it comes in the shape of the Pendulumic Stance S1+ Bluetooth wireless headphone priced at a not unreasonable $199. I am a die in the wool wir...
Sony MDR1R

The MDR1R from Sony

Since its original release, Sony has updated this headphone with the $299 MDR-1A.  Despite the difference in price tags, the 1R is still a monstrous deal in terms of price to performance. Sony is still selling ...

The G4ME ZERO By Sennheiser

Late night gaming binges fueled by Hot Pockets and energy drinks are something I look forward to experiencing as often as possible. I'm a hardcore gamer, been one since the days of the NES and Sega and don't p...

The ATH-A900X LTD by Audio Technica

Audio Technica have quite the habit of releasing "Limited Editions" down through the years with some hit and misses and some retaining value and others bombing. My last LTD review was the exquisite looking flag...

The s301 by Perfect Sound

So we are back with Perfect Sound and this time it is their 'mid-tier' unit, the s301 closed portable headphone which retails at $420. I never got the chance to test drive the Dido D901 so I cannot comment on w...