Fiio 600w

Fiio Joins Headfonics!

When I built this site I wanted to reach out to significant manufacturing brands in the mobile audio world that would be of interest to our viewers, readers and our massive headphile forum community so I am ver...
KenJam Headphones

Ken Jam Headphones Event Philippines 2010

What initially was supposed to be just a coffee shop shootout of the Hifiman HM602 and the Teclast T51 turned out to be the biggest headphones meet of 2010! With the Philippines' most renowned 'head-fier' an...

A Filipino Headphiler in Osaka

When I realized that a scheduled trip  Osaka, Japan would conflict with the weekend of the big Headfonics-Jaben-Fuseboxx launch meet, I was beset with mixed emotions. I had some participation in the planning an...