Portable Amps

Portable Amps

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The AK10 by Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern, along with Ibasso, FiiO and Hifiman have pretty much dragged the DAP market from out of its darkened sulky cave it has lived in for the last 7 years since the launch of the iPhone. DAP's are cool...
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The E18 Kunlun by FiiO

Android is getting popular no two ways about it. In fact there are more Android phones being sold in the market than there are iPhones by an arm's length in some countries yet the audio accessory market remains...
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The VorzAMP Duo from Vorz├╝ge

I have tested a lot of portable amps in the last 5 years from blockbuster performers such as the Lisa L3 to the budget king E12 and some lesser known Chinese boutique portable amps and all have their key points...
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The Theorem 720 by Cypher Labs

It has been coming for a while now. The convergence not only of a top quality bypass DAC but the merging of the DAC and Amp into a single portable solution by Cypher Labs has now taken form in the new Theorem 7...
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The D42 Mamba by Ibasso

It is indeed ironic that I just finished reviewing the FiiO X3 DAP wherein I questioned if there is enough pulling power for android fanboys to get off their beloved OS and onto something more unique only to fi...
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FiiO E12 – The Mont Blanc

FiiO's lineup of pocket amps and DAC's have been very well received and considered bang for buck for those on a tight budget but still striving for something above average. Everything is well crafted, well mark...

FiiO E07K – The Andes

Earlier in the year FiiO upgraded the E9 with the E09k and it mostly took into account newer trends in portable or fixed small desktop audio as well as feedback from FiiO fans and owners so when they announced ...

The FiiO E17 – “The Alpen”

With the phenomenal rate FiiO keep churning out budget audio hits over the last 2 years you might be forgiven for getting lost in all the E's and D's yet somehow they still seem to find a niche or new ground fo...

Smint Amp Review

Introducing a one of a kind amp: The Smint Amp! The Smint Amp is made from Miu Audio"s DIY Kit. Ivan of Miu Audio was kind enough to send me a review sample of their DIY Kit. I packed it off to Sandmoose...