Black Friday 2021

Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021

Shenzhen Audio

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For Black Friday 2021, Shenzhen Audio has gone for a brand-wide discount range with popular brands such as Moondrop, Topping, SMSL, and Shanling all part of their site-wide promotion that runs from the 22nd Nov 2021 to Nov 29th, 2021. The discounted brands are as follows:

  • SMSL enjoys a 15% discount
  • TOPPING enjoys a 15% discount
  • MOONDROP enjoys a 15% discount
  • TANCHJIM enjoys a 15% discount
  • XDUOO enjoys a 15% discount
  • GUSTARD enjoys a 15% discount
  • Shanling enjoys a 15% discount
  • TINHIFI enjoys a 15% discount
  • Kinera enjoys a 14% discount
  • FX Audio enjoys a 12% discount
  • TINHIFI enjoys a 10% discount
  • NF AUDIO enjoys a 10% discount
  • 7Hz enjoys a 10% discount
  • Matrix enjoys a 10% discount
  • SINGXER enjoys a 10% discount
  • YuLong enjoys a 10% discount
  • KZ enjoys a 10% discount
  • Oriolus enjoys a 10% discount
  • Little Dot enjoys a 10% discount
  • BGVP enjoys a 10% discount
  • TFZ enjoys a 10% discount
  • Audirect enjoys a 10% discount

Shenzhen Audio Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021

They also have some excellent discounts on Softears entire product range. We reviewed the RSV and it has a gorgeous timbre and is well worth a demo. We will have the RS10 and the Cerebus reviews out very soon also. The discounts are as follows:

  • Cerebus $2099.99 is now down to $1995 with a savings of $104.99
  • RS10 SRP of $2099.99 is now down to $1995 with a savings of $104.99
  • Turii SRP of $1399 is now down to $1344 with a savings of $55
  • RSV SRP of $729.99 is now down to $694 with a savings of $35.99

Flare Audio Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021

Flare Audio

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Flare Audio is keeping it nice and simple this Black Friday with 25% off all available stock listed for sale on their website. That includes previously review products such as the innovative Calmer, Flares Jet In-Ear monitors, and their new Sleep isolators.

The promotion runs from now until Nov 29th, 2021 UK time.


HiFiGo Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021


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HiFiGo’s Black Friday 2021 has a very broad range of discounts and has already started on Nov 22nd and is due to finish on Nov 29th, 2021 at midnight PST.

The brands covered include BGVP, Blon, Dethonray, ddHiFi, DUNU, Gustard, Kinera, and XDuoo just to name a few. We do not have the precise prices but HiFiGo is offering discounts of between 5-15% for each brand as follows:

Brand Discount
Astrotec 10-15%
Audiosense 10-20%
Audirect 10%
Aune 10-15%
BGVP 10-15%
Blon 10-15%
BQEYZ 10-15%
DD HiFi 10-15%
Dethonry 5-10%
DUNU 10%
Fidue 10%
Gustad 15%
HiBy 10%
Hidizs 10-40%
IKKO 10-15%
KBear 10-20%
Kinera 10-15%
Matrix 10.00%
Moondrop 15%
NICEHCK 10-20%
Oriolus 10%
Questyle 10%
Ranko 10-15%
SHOZY 10-15%
Singxer 10%
Sivga 10-15%
Smabat 10-15%
Softears 5%
SONCOZ 10-15%
Seeaudio 10%
Shuoer 10-15%
Tanhcjim 15%
TempoTec 10-15%
TinHiFi 10-15%
Topping 15%
TRI 10-20%
Whizzer 10-15%
Yinlvmei 10-15%
Yinyoo 10-15%
Yulong 10%
NF Audio 10%
SMSL 15%
Xduoo 15%

SMSL Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021

SMSL & Loxjie

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SMSL and Loxjie brands are quite closely linked and that is pretty much why I got both their Black Friday 2021 deals at the same time from the same email. Still, some very interesting and very popular desktop amplification and DACs are up for sale here with a store-wide 15% discount being offered for SMSL-VMV products and 10% for Loxjie branded options.

Some good deals include $250 off their TOTL VMV D2, $129 of their SMSL M400 DAC which we reviewed here, and $45 off the entry-level DP3 streaming DAC and amp. 

Loxjie options are a bit tighter on that 10% with the A30 getting $20 off and $27 off the D30 DAC. 

I believe their sale runs until the 29th or 30th November latest but in case of any confusion they do have a countdown clock on the top of every sales page they are running on HiFi Express as well as alternative sites for preferred local deliveries such as Amazon US for SMSL and here for Loxjie

As always, we have no skin in this game for affiliate stuff so we are not making any cash out of linking to Amazon.


HiFi Headphones UK Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021

HiFi Headphones UK

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The UK has fully embraced the weekend of promotions also, none more so than HiFi Headphones UK who has been doing a Cyber Weekend promotion for a few years now. Their Black Friday 2021 deals are pretty good also for those based in the UK and who want to join in. The deals are as follows and run until Nov 3oth, 2021.

  • Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 True Wireless Earphones – Black £69.00 30% discount
  • SoundMAGIC E11C In-Ear Isolating Earphones – Black £34.95 30% discount
  • SoundMAGIC E11C In-Ear Isolating Earphones with Mic – Silver £34.95 30% discount
  • SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear Isolating Earphones – Black & Silver £19.95 33% discount
  • SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Isolating Earphones – Silver £29.95 25% discount
  • Lypertek SoundFree S20 True Wireless Earphones – Black £44.95 36% discount
  • SoundMAGIC E10C In-Ear Isolating Earphones with Mic – Black & Silver £26.95 33% discount
  • Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 True Wireless Earphones – White £69.00 30% discount
  • Campfire Audio Solaris Hybrid Earphones (2020 Edition) £1,299.00 13% discount
  • Campfire Audio Andromeda 5 Driver Earphones (2020 Edition) £999.00 9% discount
  • Campfire Audio Mammoth Earphone £499.00 9% discount
  • SoundMAGIC P23BT Portable Wireless Headphones – Black £39.00 22% discount
  • Cleer Roam NC – True Wireless Earphones – Graphite £39.00 35% discount
  • SoundMAGIC E11BT Black £39.00 44% discount
  • JDS Labs Atom Amp+ 2021 Edition – UK Plug £109.00 16% discount
  • Campfire Audio Cascade Headphones £699.00 9% discount
  • Audeze LCD-XC Carbon cup with carrying case (Creator kit) £1,099.00 13% discount
  • JDS Labs Atom DAC+ – UK plug £109.00 16% discount
  • Shanling M0 Player Black £79.00 20% discount
  • Shanling M3X MQA Android DAP £249.00 27% discount
  • Campfire Audio Satsuma Single BA Driver Earphone £159.00 20% discount
  • Campfire Audio Honeydew Single Dynamic Driver Earphone £179.00 28% discount
  • Etymotic ER-Multi3 EVO 3 BA-Driver Earphones with Estron T2 BaX-Cable £349.00 30% discount

Noble Audio Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021

Noble Audio

Website Link

For Black Friday 2021, Noble Audio is offering discounts up to 50% off for selected products and will also be giving away a Prestige Wizard IEM at the end of the sale.

All purchases made from their website during the sale period automatically qualify for a draw, (a valid email is required). The specific discounts are as follows:

  • 50% OFF = Encore, Katana, and Django
  • 30% OFF = Khan, All Prestige Universal IEMS, Halley 4 and Halley 8 cables
  • 20% OFF = Sultan

The promotion period runs from Nov 26th to Dec 1st, 2021, at midnight CST.

Satin Audio Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2021

Satin Audio

Website Link

Satin Audio has joined us for their second Cyber Week inclusion with a few easy-to-understand promotions for Black Friday 2021.

There are two promotions to be precise with the first one running from Nov 27th to Nov 30th (GMT +7) with 15% of all Titan and Monster cables series during that time.

The second is an open Zeus group buy deal starting from 0:00 AM Nov 27 – 11:59 PM Dec 27 (GMT+7). Customers will have a 25% discount on this promotion. Note, the turnaround time for this will be 60-90 days before you receive your order.

Click on page 3 below for even more deals!

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