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It amazes me how much the tech can change, or not change at all, in the span of just two years.  I’ve always been a fan of Cowon products, but let me tell you straight up right now at the beginning of this review…I am livid over my experiences with this Cowon DAP and I can’t wait to express just how upset I am.

Jumping on the bandwagon of absurd pricing is something most companies have done lately in our Audiophile world.  So naturally, it didn’t come as a shock to me that Cowon wanted to board that cruise ship as well, setting sail for the financial ruin that will become your wallet and Paypal accounts.  The Plenue M is now two years old, so you might ask yourself why I am even bothering to review it.

The DAC Factor

Well, the reason is the lovely DAC inside of it that I had somehow been ignorant of for the duration of the last 700 or so days since the Plenue M was released.  I don’t like the 9018 chipset, I prefer the 17xx series due to its common warmth and less articulate, less prone to neutrality tonality offerings and that is why I was so interested in this specific model from Cowon.   They’d invested in the Burr Brown 1795, which I’d assumed would be a wonderfully yummy, warm and visceral experience from top to bottom.  Boy, was I wrong…I hadn’t noticed that Cowon advertised this model as highly neutral until I’d actually received it.  Totally my fault for listening to other reviewers…

Not This DAC

The 1795 is the polar opposite of the sound I thought it was going to be and that got me interested in it in the first place.  As a musicality lover, it ruins the tone of all of my personal amps and headphone rigs.  It is simply overly neutral, which I suppose is a great thing for a lot of listeners, but horrid for those like me who share my preferences in listening.  A lot of owners said it sounds more like a typical 17xx DAC than a 9018.  Nope.  Not to my ears.  This sounds like a very dry and neutral sound to me.   Plenty of clarity, very nice clarity in fact…but nowhere even close to the level of musicality and warmth that I’d hoped for.

I have a Pioneer X100R DAP that came out last year, which houses a 9018K2M DAC (The exact same DAC in the iBasso DX90 that can be purchased for $250 these days) and a vividly different 9601K DAC as well inside of it.  Low and behold, I cannot for the life of me hear a lick of a difference between these two DAPs in most testing scenarios.  One of them has just one 1795 DAC (Plenue M) and the unit costs $900, the other (Pioneer X100r) has a severely cheaper DAC setup and rightly costs more like $650 today.  Ignore the fact that the cheaper Pioneer offers identical sound quality and also has a full Android operating system with full access to the Droid market, Internet and Bluetooth capabilities.  With that fact alone, the Plenue M get’s an F rating from me on Features and Usability.


Connectivity Issues

Beyond this, the DAC refuses to stay connected and will break and error if you skip tracks too fast with your PC music software.  I confirmed this with three different owners of the M over social media, who I’d asked to try out Foobar2000 with while connected to the DAC.  Everyone reported this to be an issue.  For reference, I have the newer iDAC2 from iFi with full 256 DSD capabilities and it works wonderfully, I’ve never disconnected and errored once on that great DAC! But, I can’t use the Cowon Plenue M as a DAC, because it is super sluggish with track skipping, has a nasty delay on playing and pausing music and will simply error itself if I move too quickly.  This is, in fact, the most poorly implemented DAC in a very expensive audio source that I’ve ever come across.  For shame.

The Design

Bloody amazing.  The M boasts without question, one of the best builds in a portable player that I’ve seen.  Seriously, this bad boy is not only the perfect size for a portable but also dense as all hell and seriously weighted feeling.  The Pioneer 100r is much larger and roughly the exact same weight.  Solid aluminum body, a drool-worthy OLED screen and well thought out button layouts adorn it, I couldn’t be happier.  As much as I hate this player in other various ways, I absolutely adore it for its tactility and overall design.  Messed with almost every single high-end DAP out there, this is one of few that screams high class that is also moderately sized and not too big to fit in my pocket.


Fantastic build and it fits perfectly in my hand, 10/10.  Also, that OLED screen is magnificent and similar to the Calyx M’s lovely screen as well in its stunning visual appeal.  Vivid colors, crisp, popping text and a fantastic brightness factor all make me very satisfied.  One super annoying thing I can’t understand is a blue LED that blinks when I turn the screen off.   That could be the most annoying and useless LED function in the entire audiophile world, it serves no purpose other than to annoy you.

Storage and Battery


Ok, so why is it that Astell and Kern as well as CalyX M can offer dual SD slots, but Cowon can’t?  Why is it that both of those other companies can implement BlueTooth streaming output in their DAP’s, but Cowon felt obligated to design nothing at all into their system in that regard?  The Plenue M is capped at 192gb and only has one Micro SD slot…for a product that originally cost $900 and beyond?  I can’t even use OTG! I’m just stuck with a 200gb Micro SD and that just isn’t okay at this price tier.

Battery Issues

Always nice to know I can pay $900 for a new one and get a few hours of usage.  I don’t understand what the deal is here, the Plenue M acts like it pumps out a ton of voltage or something and ends up getting overly warm.  It isn’t like this player is geared for Planar headphone usage or anything, so why does the battery struggle this much?  Hard to slam it for that because the Pioneer 100r gets too warm as well.  But, I can keep the M on low volume without the screen on, only use my CIEM’s and the rear plate will still get hot.  Why is this happening?  Why aren’t there any vents or ports here?  Check out most other reviews of the unit and everyone mentions how warm the product gets.  There is no excuse for a portable music player to get hot in your pocket.

If you are lucky, you’ll get 4 hours off it with the screen off, likely less with it on and playing DSD files.  What’s worse, the unit does not retain juice when you turn it off.  Fully charge that bad boy, shut it off and leave it for a day or two and you’ll come back to one bar in the red, at least that is what happens in my case so maybe my battery is dying already.  Cowon’s cheaper Plenue D portable player that came out right after this Plenue M has almost 80 hours of battery life and a better EQ system.

The UI

I rather enjoy Cowon’s setup in a physical sense, their UI is basic.  It is just as it should be without clutter and without lists and bins you’ll never use.  Everything is nice and neat with a home screen and bin browser that functions very well.  Since this product came out before the Plenue D (the M’s little brother), Cowon has improved the slickness in their newer models.  Evolution took place and that is a wonderful thing, the D, and the newer S model have superior and better thought out user experiences in their interfaces.  They didn’t need to do that if they replicated the M’s UI in the D’s design, that would be fine.  Hard to imagine they could even improve it, but they did.  Favorites work fantastic, search functions via a little keyboard pops up quick and is seamless.  I can’t complain, this is a great UI and Cowon has always been the best at this, at least in my opinion.


JetEffect EQ

Now for the sad part, JetEffect is awful on this player.  I just reviewed the cheaper Plenue D recently and I swear to the audio God’s that I want to sacrifice the M, all because I miss the Plenue D’s tone that severely.  I’d easily achieved my desired sound type on the Plenue D, but I’ve yet to get the Plenue M to play ball properly.  I can toggle the MachBass in this Plenue M up all I want and still not achieve the level of quantity the Plenue D put out in abundance.

This Plenue M is just too linear and neutral sounding, it is also very unresponsive with the EQ system.  Dialing up EQ toggles doesn’t do much to alter the sound.  Where the Plenue D had a ton of great sounding presets, the Plenue M has one.  Rock is the only preset that doesn’t sound like garbage, but the entire spectrum is relaxed and the mids are pushed back.  I can kind of fix that in custom EQ’s, but I lose clarity and I just can’t replicate the cleanliness of Rock at all with a custom set.  Hip Hop is actually the next best, followed by the Funk preset.  They are both have bloated bass however, but offer nice and forward, clean sounding treble and mids.

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  1. Guyatone

    As an owner of the plenue d, plenue m , m2 and P1 all I can assume is this reviewer received a defective unit – my experience is that the m , while not quite to the same level as the P1 is extremely good – I use bbe viva preset on all cowon players and this surpasses my ak300, ak100ii, ak jr for musical enjoyment


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