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DUNU is one company which does not easily abide by standard conventions. Armed with daring designs, bold driver configurations and unprecedented concepts they have pushed the envelope of innovation even further with its latest release: the DUNU Titan 1. Employing a single 13mm titanium-treated dynamic driver, the Titans have a half in-ear design with vents dotted around the angled nozzle. The vents coupled with the large 13mm dynamic driver enable the sound to breathe and give rise to the spacious and enveloping sonic signature. Particularly interesting is the dynamic transducer which contains a “nano-class titanium” diaphragm capable of rendering an energetic and live sound.

Priced at $115, the Titan 1 costs considerably less than the Alpha 1 and the DUNU DN-2000 before it. However, as with all things audio, price is by no means a determining factor of sound quality and so without further ado, let the review begin.

What you get: the box

DUNU never fail to deliver premium packaging. With the Titan 1, you get a compact black box complete with a magnetic latch, display window and clear defined information of the product. Within the inner flap of the box, there is a useful frequency graph which boasts an upper midrange boost and bass enhancement compared to a standard dynamic driver unit.

What you get: the accessories

Accessories include a total of 3 pairs of narrow bored red hybrids, 3 pairs of wide bored silicone tips and 3 pairs of Sony hybrid clone tips. Also included is a shirt clip, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm gold adapter and a compact carrying case.



The build of the Titan 1, as with all DUNU products, is outstanding. The metal alloy housings are not only durable but also offer practicality by accommodating for the large 13mm dynamic driver. With a venting system, the Titan 1 is able to achieve a large soundstage and consequent immersive experience. The cables above the Y-split come in DUNU’s signature rubber material which are elegant and durable. Below the Y-split, DUNU have ventured into new territory by utilising a fine braided nylon material which feels and looks durable.

Fit & Isolation

Due to the half in-ear design of these earphones, only a shallow fit can be achieved. With that said, the earphones seem to rest comfortably in my ears and a slight resistance can even be felt when they are tugged upon. The housings themselves, although large, do not irritate during long listening sessions and rest nicely on the outer portion of the ear.

Isolation levels, however, are below average owing to the vents surrounding the angled nozzle. This also means that there is an element of sound leakage associated with the playback of music which may be a distracting feature for some. This is an area where DUNU could certainly improve on should a sequel version be released in the near future.

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