The whole T10i package reminds me of how FiiO move up and down the product lines with minimal and frequent fuss by mixing and matching R&D into each product to reduce cycle time to market and cost. RHA seemed to have cracked the efficiency of development at the budget to mid-fi level in much the same manner so I am expecting a lot more beyond and below the T10i with the same ethos in mind but taking a little bit from each previous product and adding a little something extra on top. Pricing wise though RHA is no longer offering a budget king product with the T10i but a firm lower mid-tier entry rubbing shoulders with some Westone models with relish and perhaps with a degree of caution against the likes of DUNU and Fidue.

Right now the T10i is the flagship for RHA in terms of price but it might struggle to move some of the MA750 legions from upgrading just at this moment in time. Even with the filter swapping it is a very different beast in terms of tonality. Instead of that dynamic but more neutral sound of the MA750i, the T10i straddles a fine line between the consumer profile often demanded by a typical portable on the go casual user, and the audiophile who really wants a little something extra beyond that.

There is a certain flair though with the T10i in terms of the aesthetics and the mold steel seashells look insanely durable and robust and the package as ever from RHA is chock full of crafted accessories as well the filters in that nice little metal plate. I hear it’s going to be sitting in Apple stores also and honestly I think that target market might actually lap up the T10i on looks and price alone. That’s a great thing because that canny tweak of audiophile sensibilities might just allow the T10i to thankfully convert a few people away from ‘Da Beats’.

Technical Specifications:

Drivers Dynamic (model 770.1)
Frequency range 16-22000Hz
Impedance 16 ohm
Sensitivity 100db
Rated/max power 1/5mW
Weight 41g
Cable 1.35m, multicore OFC
Connections 3.5mm, gold plated


T10i in-ear headphone
Tuning Filters with Holder
6 pairs, dual density ear tips – S x2 / M x2 / L x2
2 pairs, double flange ear tips – S x1 / M x1
2 pairs, memory foam ear tips – universal fit
Stainless steel ear tip holder
Premium carry case
Clothing clip

Pricing: £149.95 / €179.95 / $199.95


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4 Responses

  1. Mario Alberto Dionicio Pérez

    Great review, Might you help me choose between t10i and ue900. Greetings from Mexico ! :)

  2. TheLord

    congrats for the interesting review of the Rha t10… also a nice news about the new italian brand ubsound (I’ve seen it’s not possible to post a comment on so far). It seems these ubsound cutie iems are very intriguin… I’d like to read more about them.
    Ditto :)

  3. giorgio

    Dear Headfonics team,
    congrats for this deep & nice review… detailed as always on your forum/mag.
    It seems that the Rha t10i is a great iem indeed.
    Go well

    • headfonics

      Thanks Giorgio for your kind comments and hope you continue to enjoy our articles :)


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