The Fostex T50RP has been out for years and years and in that time just about everyone I know has had a go at some sort of modification or another to this sub-$100 headphone. It is the cheapest planar on the market and a pure joy for the DIY guys from Smeggy and his glorious legendary Thunderpants to the less pricey Zach Mehrbach creation. However it was Dan Clark and the team at MrSpeakers that have really capitalized on the sometimes uncertain “What if we do this?” mantra of the DIY lobby into a class leading standard “Wait until you hear this!” with the Mad Dog last year. Now they are back with possibly the best iteration of the T50RP mod legacy yet in the guise of the Alpha Dogs, the worlds first 3D printed production headphone.

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  1. 24bit

    Got mine Yesterday, very impressive. So nice to be able to tailor the sound to my liking. Increasing the bass makes the mids drop back and reccess a bit, hollows them out. Removing some bass makes the mids more bloomed. Found a nice balance between it for my tastes and I am enjoying it a lot. Damn things are power hungry, arent they. Shame though, they shipped me 2 cables and one of them was wrong. I asked for the RSA balanced and I got the XLRs. Will have to ship that cable back, but otherwise the stand and headphones are really nice. I enjoy them a lot, Im a sound stage nutbar and that stereo imaging is fantastic. It is in fact better than my Fostex TH900. Impressive.

  2. manjays


    Between MrSpeakers Alpha Dog, Beyerdynamic T90, Sennheiser HD700 & Hifiman He-500, which one do you think has the best bass, mids and highs and is the most fuller sounding headphone?

    Thanks in advance

    • headfonics

      Hi sorry I missed this – Dogs for the bass, 500 for the mids, possibly the 500 or T90 for the highs. HD700 has quite an uneven character in the treble.

      The fullest is the Alpha Dogs for me but I have not heard the 500 in quite a while. The T90 is too bright for me personally.

  3. Kyle Dionela

    I’m a pretty big fan of the Alpha Dog as well. If I had a reason to have a neutralish closed headphone, I’d probably have one, especially if they make the pads a little more comfortable. For some reason, the pressure hurts my temples.

    • headfonics

      I think its more shape than comfort for you as these pads are among the softest comfiest I have tried.


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