In the darkest, seediest areas of Hi-Fi Audio AKG has waged a secret war. At an eye popping $1499.99 this K-812 headphone seems like an all star player. I have a few gripes but for the most part I enjoy the hell out of these headphones.

The Package and Design Elements

Inside your package, you will receive of course the stunning K-812 headphones wrapped neatly in protective plastic, a beautiful horse shoe shaped wooden Omega headphone stand with a special and unique grain and coloration designed specifically for AKG, a nifty detachable 3m cable with a gorgeous mini XLR 3-Pin plug and a very nice box with the typical company paper work. The cable adapter is a beautiful LEMO EGG series 3pin Mini XLR. Stunning! I must say, the wooden stand is vibrant and screaming high quality at every turn. A highly desirable presentation to most of us Audiophiles, who doesn’t have a weakness for the Woodie stands out there? Just as the headphone stand is of a higher quality, so too are the headphones themselves. They feel solid in the hand and on the head, a blessing and absolute pleasure to wear when compared to the likes of the heavy Orthodynamic headphones I’ve been playing with recently. The K-812 is light weight at 390 grams, functional and properly executed from top to bottom with absolutely nothing for me to gripe about in terms of comfort and fit. The clamp factor is average, allowing the headphone to be worn for hours with minimal fatigue.

For those unaware, the likes of the Audeze LCD-3 and other similar flagship headphones tend to be very uncomfortable, heavy and down right awful in terms of exterior design elements across the board. Such is not the case with the K-812 and I find myself for the first time in the past few years actually enjoying the multi-media experience as a whole. She is comfy, real comfy. Supple leather pads that are fully circumaural, a soft headband eerily familiar in design to the JVC HARX-700 with a mesh cloth and leather hybrid design and a single sided cable input all make for a physically fatigue free experience…thank the audio gods! Someone finally remembered headphones should be comfortable.

Unlike the heavy and bulky Orthodynamic headphones out there of similar pricing, I can and will recommend these headphones to studio engineers and mixers of various types. If you are sitting in a booth for 8-10 hours a day, you are going to appreciate these headphones a great deal. There aren’t many headphones out there that offer comfort like this along with a Summit Level Hifi sound quality. Usually, they tend to have some serious design flaw, but I can find nothing wrong with these K-812’s in the slightest when it comes to exterior design elements. Everything is in tip top shape and as it should be: light and comfortable, not bulky and not oddly designed in the headband, conforming to a human head and something that doesn’t make you look like the International Space Station or giant radar dish.

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The K812 by AKG
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