2013 has been an interesting year for us at Headfonics in terms of product reviews. When I look back on our review catalog we did less headphones and more amps and DAC’s and in someways that is reflected in our lists this year. More so than last year. 2013 if anything was the year of the convergence device such as iFi Audio, Cypher Lab’s Theorem 720, the Centrance Hifi M8 and the revival of the audiophile DAP continued with the FiiO X3 and the Ibasso DX50. It wasn’t really until RMAF 2013 did we get to see anything really exciting in terms of headphones with Audeze’s launch of the X and XC variants of the LCD headphone range and slightly earlier the megabucks Abyss planer (sadly we have yet to review the Abyss but we soon will in 2014).

In earphone world we continue to see the rise of customs with JH Audio’s Roxanne taking the glory at RMAF but also some really solid new entries such as Minerva’s Mi-Performer Pro/Artist (review out January 2 2014), the RHA MA750i budget king and the continued rise of dual dynamic. We saw a few raspberries also where I didnt really expect with some of the new Westone range but thats life I guess and makes the whole hobby interesting.

So we took a time out and gathered our own personal favorites from 2013’s review list and put them together in a top 10, we hope you like, I am sure you will agree and disagree in equal numbers but if you do there is still time to grab one before the stores close for the holidays. Lets kick off with my own top 10 then after which you can review 24bit’s top 10 also.

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