Someone at AKG is going to get a Christmas card from me this year, that’s for sure. It has been a very long time since I’ve actually enjoyed a portable closed back headphone this much. Well done, AKG. Well done, indeed. I don’t want to bore you with specification details in the beginning of this review, so I will start off with the Conclusion first on the K-267, K-67 and K-167 Tiësto headphone range. That is just how I roll. #likeaboss

The End Credits

I am genuinely impressed by the K-267 as well as the K-67. While I found the K-167 to be the weak link in the chain, it’s siblings seem to offer good value and clarity for such a price. Exceptionally smooth and unique sounding, unlike any portable headphones I’ve heard in many years, the K-267 appeared out of the shadows like a Ninja and silently took it’s place at the top of my list of what I feel to be one of the best portable headphones sub $300.


I am burdened with looming sadness over the fact that these headphones are going to be overlooked by the majority due to a dreadful history of Artist Branded Headphones in the past. These headphones were tuned and designed by someone who actually worked as a DJ or studio engineer. I applaud that designer. Thank you, sir or madame.

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    • 24bit

      A typical dry and pure bass, typical of most akg headphones, not much texture to it. It doesn’t hit hard and tends to have a more focused presentation to it. It is not omnipresent.

  1. Michael Mittwich

    “The USA in general has no idea who Tiesto is and I think this headphone was aimed at the Euro market, he seems big there but almost unknown here in the states.”

    ?? not really ;)

  2. ashish

    I have a k67…sound is crisp but the build quality is too poor…the headband broke in just a month :( not expected from AKG

    • 24bit

      I expect that for less than $90 or so with a frame that small and thin. Did the headband break at the hinge area where the headphone closes and folds up? if so, I think that is understandable but still awful but it did in fact break on you. Certainly not justifiable, I think the entire idea of the headphone folding in that manner is very detrimental. The hinge points are weak where the headphone closes in on itself. But, the headband itself is still thicker and stronger than the majority of portables of this type of design in this price range. Sorry yours took some serious damage!


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