iBasso are known for their quality headphone amp’s and DAC’s but outside of the T series have never been known as entry level or cheap and with good reason. As an owner of the PB2 and Db2 I can tell you they churn out great quality. However I did often wonder if they had the potential to broaden their appeal outside of those with a few hundred bucks to spare and it seems they were listening by announcing the launch of the new D-Zero headphone amp and DAC for a temptingly low $109. This puts it in FiiO pricing territory which will be very interesting indeed if you had been thinking of the E7 of late.

iBasso has very kindly sent me a review unit and I should be able to tell you soon what $109 can get you from these audio masters but in the mean time lets ooh and ahh over the specs and pictures because it certainly looks like a well made unit. Great thing is that is is out right now to order!

Ibasso D-Zero Size

Ibasso D-Zero Size

iBasso ultra portable DAC/AMP combo D-Zero is an entry level audio solution. It is a Self powered DAC and Hi-Definition headphone amplifier. It not only works as a DAC/AMP combo, but also works as a stand-alone AMP, DAC, or USB soundcard.

Even it is an entry level product, it sill has the well-known Wolfson 24bit Hi-performance DAC WM8740 as the DAC chip, and Texas Instruments’s PCM2706 as the USB receiver. Actually, the whole DAC section is very similar the D2+, which is widely recognized. The AMP section isnt like other entry level product that use cheap all-in-one headphone amplification IC, such as the TPA6130A. The AMP section in the D-zero is based on the AD8656, and tuned with some audio capacitors.

The size of the D0 is another strong point. It is credit card size, and the thickness is only 11mm. It is the slimmest DAC/AMP combo.

Ibasso d-zero

Ibasso d-zero

Main Features:
– Wolfson WM8740 DAC Chip + TI PCM2706 USB Receiver
– Works as a DAC+AMP Combo, a standalone AMP, or a standalone DAC (Line out function)
– 2-Setting Gain Switch for impedance matching
– Rechargeable Li-polymer battery with integrated charging system, 30 hours play time.
– Slim and small, it is ultra-portable design.
– Measures 55*79*11mm, and weights 60g

The iBasso D-Zero is available to order from for $109 plus shipping.

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  1. Chevon James

    a few questions. can i plug my sennheiser hd598 straight into it without using the 3.5 m jack?
    is this really going to make my music sound better? because a few people have told me that amping doesnt do much.

    • Zaafiel

      You will need a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter to plug in the HD598 into the D-Zero.

      About making your music sound better, that depends on a lot of things, quality of your music files and how you’re going to use the D-Zero (as an amplifier, DAC, or both) to name a few.

      • Chevon James

        i was planning as using it as a portable amp to give my music some extra detail, soundstage, etc etc. but if there is something better suited for me than ill be glad to hear it.

  2. Mocha

    Haha, this one is a cute little DAC Amp, and what a price! Would give FiiO a run for its money, hehe! It seems to be directly competing with the E7, what with the same DAC, but the amp stage is where the fun starts. I wonder how this thing sounds? Are we getting any demo units of this Marcus? :)

    URGh Disqus will forever be a thorn in my side, can’t login and post properly with Facebook or my account again, had to use Yahoo. Blech!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it does look like an hot item to me Erwin and a strong price point! Even stronger on headphiles shortly :) I would suspect you are right and this is the direct competitor to the E7 but without all the shiny knobs and whistles – hoping the DAC really shines on this one and the amp is powerful enough.

      And yes there is incoming for review hopefully by next week!


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