Hot in off the press, Beyerdynamic will release two new headphones during High-End-fair in Munich (May 19-22):

T70, closed back with Tesla-technology, 250 ohm

T70p, closed back with Tesla-technology, 32 ohm

They look kind of classy but have a slightly higher entry price than the classic DT770 at €450 or $650 which puts them firmly in the upper midfi range.

One suspects the Tesla technology in these new cans will have something to do with the new price range considering the t50p and DT1350 at sitting at $300. Certainly if the smooth highs of Tesla are retained with the classic DT770 low end then there will be few complaints. My money is on the T70 as the thoroughbred though closed can fanatics might see the T70 as something to consider for outdoors and travel.

I wonder if there will be a T80 and T90 with P closed version in the works also?

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  1. Donunus

    I want a beyer with meaty mids combined with their usual good bass and clarity! :) I wonder if these are starting to sound more full bodied than the dt770 2005 edition.

    • Anonymous

      The T standing for Tesla might put the emphasis on detail, clarity and highs and staying on a neutral path but you never know with Beyer considering the T50P ended up being part of the DT series after less than 12 months and it’s mids are much stronger

    • Anonymous

      Its really quite tempting Mike to start looking at building a new shelf just for Beyer at the moment. They have got to be one of the most active recently in their line up changes along with Hifiman. 


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