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The On1 by Thinksound


Almost exactly two years ago I was asked to review a rather unassuming and humble set of woody earphones called the Thinksound MS01 and I remarked that I found them to be surprisingly well balanced and smooth earphone with a preference for vocals and detail over out and out thumping modern pop genres. At $100 I felt then, and still do now, that they are a cut above the rest in the budget category. Well 2 years later Thinksound finally unleash their headphone project, the On1 to the market priced at $299 (now I believe a special at $249) and overall this is a much more ambitious project but interestingly I have to say upon a few solid listening sessions lasting several days there is plenty of the sensibilities heard in the MS01 carrying over to the larger woody On1. I can tell that those that liked the MS01 will certainly enjoy listenign to the On1.

Naturally Aaron and his team have stuck true to their principles in producing another eco-friendly headphone which I do admire a lot and wish a few other companies would try to emulate. That being said at $299 and on-ear it also places the on-ear closed woody On1 among some very stiff competition such as the Sennheiser Momentum, B&W’s new P7, and Beyer’s DT1350. $299 is critical mass for many an avid headphone buyer, psychologically it is where things get serious for many so this is not a budget headphone, it should not get an easy ride but after some stiff testing among our national club members I think Thinksound have very little to worry about in terms of likeable audio quality.

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