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Final Thoughts

I regard this headphone as the best closed back $300 and under headphone of recent times. I think it is superior in sonic quality to the likes of the Momentum, M-100 and the Denon D-2000, but the HP50 is also vastly inferior in musicality. This is not a musical headphone to me and seems setup for those who either prefer this type of flat response ( there are a lot of audiophiles who like this ) or studio engineers who need a solid pair of monitors. Studio’s in general are going to love this headphone and right now I cannot think of a single closed back sub $300 set that even remotely came close to the overall usefulness of this headphone. It’s one of those well rounded headphones with no real weaknesses.

Another fantastic and shocking quality I found with the headphone was that it is immensely efficient and requires almost no amplification to sound awesome. Right out of my Sansa Clip and Fuze, it sounds fantastic and I found this headphone to not scale up at all. The difference from my RWAK120 to my Burson Conductor SL is nominal at best. I notice some better layering qualities but that pretty much is it. That is fantastic to know that you don’t need a great source or any amplification to get excellent sound off this headphone. NAD did a great job on this one and produced exactly what they were out to make. My preferences are subjective, I prefer a bit more color in tone, a bit more bass, more forward mids and a brighter upper end. This headphone is for those who enjoy a flat sound, despite not meshing with me there is no question this headphone is the most clear and spacious mid tier closed back I’ve ever used. Can’t wait to hear what the future has in store from NAD. Fantastic Headphone!

Technical Specifications

SIZE (W x H x D)
Overall 210mm x 200mm x 71mm
Ear cushion outside 68mm x 98mm x 17mm
Folded 200mm x 210mm x 50mm
Traveling Case 215mm x 230mm x 63mm
1 inch equals 25.5mm.
Weight: 10 ounces without cable.



Michael Piskor (24bit)